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Inspire Meaningful Connections

The Only Full Day Leadership Development Experience in the Tri-States!

Live2Lead is a leadership development and personal growth experience designed to equip you with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways.


A live rebroadcast of world-class thought leaders teaching practical lessons designed to help individuals in all spheres of influence grow to their maximum potential.  Following each teaching, you will take what you learned to a deeper level by discussing your takeaways with your table. Each table will be made up of veteran executive leaders, seasoned mid-level leaders and emerging leaders. Regardless of where you are on your leadership journey, this format will allow you to learn from the unique perspectives of the other individuals at your table. 

Friday, November 10, 2023 | Madison Park Christian Church

Registration 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM & Event 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Agenda is tentative and might change a little.


Payne Schoen, Payne Schoen Consulting

Secrets to Connect With Anyone in the Room

9:10 AM

John C. Maxwell

The Laws of Communication

John C. Maxwell shares brand new content from his upcoming book on the 16 Laws of Communication. He will provide an overview of the laws and the importance these have on your ability to effectively communicate as a leader.

10:00 AM

Dr. Tim Elmore

A New Kind of Diversity: Making the Different Generations on Your Team a Competitive Advantage

Hear from Tim on his decades of research and leadership experience to bear on what might be the biggest, most dramatic, and most disruptive shift the American workforce has ever seen: the vast diversity of several generations living—and working—together. 

11:00 AM

Eric Thomas, PhD

You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose and Your Why

Eric Thomas, PhD, shares the key principles of how to turn a mentality of struggle into strength; resulting in enduring success. By using stories and lessons learned of his past, he shares his urgent message to stop waiting for inspiration to strike and take control of your life.

11:50 AM


12:05 PM

Community Panel

1:00 PM

Patrick Lencioni

The 6 Types of Working Genius: A Better way to understand your Gifts, frustrations and your team

Hear from Patrick Lencioni about the groundbreaking new model that explores providing a deeper understanding into our workplace and teams. Pat explains that most people don’t understand their personal areas of “Working Genius.” Until they do, this lack of awareness impacts their ability to identify work opportunities that would be most meaningful to them; resulting in a failure to reach one’s true potential.

2:00 PM

John C. Maxwell

No Limits: Blow the CAP off Your Capacity

John C. Maxwell shares key lessons from his book titled No Limits, written to enhance the lives of leaders, professionals, and anyone who wants to achieve success and personal growth. He identifies 17 core capacities. John Maxwell will teach on some of these capacities and provide clear and actionable advice on how you can increase your potential in each area. 

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