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Every high-performing team has one thing in common – a fundamental belief that an effective team is stronger than the individuals who make it up. In his Law of Significance, John Maxwell teaches, "you cannot do anything of real value alone." As an Executive Director for the John Maxwell Team, Payne provides world-class and proven programs and strategies in leadership,

communication, and team building to all sizes and types of teams. The Maxwell Method allows him to meet your people where they are and deliver programs in the way they learn best. Whether your team is brand new or you have been together for years, Payne can design a program to help your team achieve goals faster, more efficiently, and more effectively.




Are you looking to maximize and leverage your time even more than you already are? Have you hit a plateau or "ceiling" you can't seem to breakthrough? If so, then coaching is the solution for you. Coaching is the most powerful development and growth resource available. As a certified and licensed coach, Payne is equipped with a unique coaching method that will

help you identify, understand, and remove the barriers between where you are and what you want to achieve.



In an engaging and entertaining way, Payne offers tailored presentations to help you kick off an event, teach a breakout session, and as a keynote speaker. With your organization's values and principles as the foundation, Payne will design his talk to leave the audience encouraged,

empowered with new insight, and motivated to make a difference.

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Insights into human behaviors like strengths, communication styles, blindspots, and ideal work environments are essential in impactful leadership. Using William Marston's DISC method, Payne offers a portfolio of reports designed specifically to evaluate, understand, and enhance

communication, leadership, and teamwork. Whether you lead a team of five salespeople, are the head of a department, or lead an entire company, these reports will provide information to help elevate your team to the next level.